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What is the Rakestraw Spinner?

The Rakestraw Spinner is an alternative to the drop spindle and ideal for someone who is just learning to spin! Unlike the standard drop spindle, the Rakestraw Spinner never drops; it just spins and spins. You whirl it like a football rattle or party noisemaker and it's even more fun to use than they are! You can spin all the common kinds of fibres including alpaca, angora, bamboo, mohair, silk and sheep wools.

Wonderful for children, who pick it up straight away, for the elderly, and for everyone! It almost spins itself and can be more productive than a drop spindle.

The price includes one Rakestraw Spinner with blade and handle, and instruction booklet.

Blackwood Rakestraw Spinner

Rakestraw Spinner in African Blackwood - SAVE £3



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