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Wild Colours Natural Dyes Earlier Version History (from Home page)


07 Oct

Hazel Rose loom books back in stock

13 Sept

New - Chemistry of Indigo

01 Sept

New - Persian Berry extract for sale

11 July

Indigo crystals 100 grams back in stock

03 Mar

Learn to dye with Alkanet & buy Alkanet dye

19 Feb

Buy Dyers Coreopsis seeds

12 Feb

Indigo and Dyers Greenweed seeds for sale

03 Feb

Blue-faced Leicester Double-Knit yarn back in stock


24 Dec

14” triangle HR loom and 4”x6” multi loom

15 Oct

page on Cutch & dyeing with cutch extract

24 Sep

Indigo dye for sale & pages on Indigo dyeing

03 Sep

laceweight yarns for dyeing - Angel Lace

16 Jan

talks on natural dyes and natural fibres


03 Dec

Create a nativity scene with your Hazel Rose Loom

01 Dec

Xmas Gifts - Buy a Rakestraw Spinner as a present

29 Nov

Christmas Gifts - Buy an HR Loom or Natural Dye kit

28 Nov

New- 7 inch Tumbling Block and 12 inch quilt weaver looms

22 Nov

How to use iron as a modifier, mordant & dye

06 Nov

You save up to 20% on new reduced dye prices

24 Oct

New sections on mordanting plant fibres

25 Sep

Buy Aluminium acetate to mordant cotton

04 Sep

2 inch multi & Hazel Rose Tumbler looms back in stock

12 Aug

New Hazel Rose triangular multi loom & 6 inch multi

29 Jul

Trapunto, weaving & knitters needles for Hazel Rose looms

02 Jun

Weave-It or pin looms win Handwoven magazine contest!

20 Mar

Hazel Rose Tumbling blocks looms and Bookmark looms

19 Mar

Pre-mordanted wool already for dyeing

28 Feb

New page for Dyers Chamomile - grow & dye with chamomile

27 Feb

New 2” Hazel Rose multi loom - Weave-It style loom

17 Jan

Buy ground madder


19 Dec

Buy Hazel Rose multi or Weave-It style looms as gifts

12 Dec

7” Hazel Rose looms added

20 Nov

Buy natural Indigo crystals

29 Aug

Hazel Rose hand looms for sale

01 Aug

Natural Dye kits - woad & cochineal - Valentines gifts!

06 Jun

Fustic dye available

09 May

New page on Old Fustic

25 Apr

New article on using Natural Dyes

02 Mar

Soda Ash and Calcium carbonate added to Assistants page

02 Feb

Wide range of Natural Dye Extracts now for sale

01 Feb

Gallery of wool samples dyed with Natural Dye extracts

23 Jan

New Mordants and Assistants page

10 Jan

Tannic Acid and Cream of Tartar on mordants page


31 Dec

New Natural Dye Extracts page

20 Dec

New page for Dyers Greenweed

21 Dec

Alum & Spectralite now available on mordants page

30 Sep

New page for Mordanting Wool

16 Sep

Brazilwood and Logwood added to the Products page

05 Sep

New Extraction of Japanese Indigo pigment page

17 Jun

Cochineal for sale in 10 gram, 25 gram & larger quantities

08 Jun

Weld dye and weld seeds for sale

07 Jun

search Amazon for natural dye plant & other products

29 May

Madder dye added to Products page

23 May

We now sell dye plant seeds and natural dyes!

07 May

Bookmark & Share now includes Email a Friend! (top)

07 May

book a talk on Natural Dyes and Dye Plants!


24 Dec

Natural Dyes search engine - for dyeing & dye plants!

03 Sep

New page for Cochineal

05 Aug

More Red & Yellow dye plants added

01 Aug

Mordant Cotton added to Mordant section

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