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Create a nativity scene for Christmas with your Hazel Rose looms!

This is a great project to make with the kids. If they are too young to do the weaving, they can still stuff and glue sequins on the king's crown or tie on the head-pieces of the other figures. This is a set you don't have to worry will be broken when the children want to play with it.

The figures are all made the same way. You can use a 7" and 3.5" square Hazel Rose quilt weaver looms to make the figures, as in this example, or use any other combination of looms to create your own figures.

Click on the photo to download the 2 page instruction sheet as an Adobe Acrobat file to print on your printer or click on this link - Hazel Rose Christmas nativity scene for your Hazel Rose looms.

If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click on this link to download Reader direct from Adobe - Print Hazel Rose Projects. You will then need to download the instruction leaflet using the link above.

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